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And I'm pretty sure once you'll visit african legacy... you'll love it, will come back again, and will love to travel through the continent.

Please keep in mind that we can help if you do have some houses to build or rooms to renew.On each of 3 phases displayed at your right, even better if you are moving from scratch, you'll get help. So get on board.

Welcome to GLOBAL ART, our Architectural Portal.After surfing this website you will not see architecture as before.You'll see 4 of our projects, some completed other to be completed, especially always pay attention to their process.

By the way do not forget to give your opinion, your suggestions about architecture, construction, design, the better way to do something

The building process is divided in the following steps

1. PROGRAMMINGBuild Problematic

2. FormattingFrom Concept to Form

3. MATERIALIZATIONOf the Form to the Construction

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